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Your CAREER: Carlyle Executive Search recruitment agency


In today’s world of work, people no longer wonder if they will change jobs, but when and how.

Almost all of a company’s employees will collaborate with several companies over the course of their careers.

Don't wait for your career to appear. Build it yourself.

Since we have a long-standing relationship with our clients, we know all the positions to be filled, even if they haven't been published.

We build lasting relationships based on trust, respect for each other's objectives and discretion. We approach you in the utmost confidentiality.

Before taking charge of each assignment, we undertake a thorough research process aimed at understanding the client company and its spirit, market and longevity. This will enable us to communicate to our candidate the elements that will be most in line with his/her desire for career development.

We are in constant communication with the client company and the candidate during every step of the negotiation process.

Before each presentation to our client, we meet with our candidate to understand the relevance of his/her position, skills and motivation. We provide our candidate with all the information related to the position, as well as plausible developments.

We support our candidate throughout the salary negotiation phase, as well as in the legal aspects related to the employment contract. We contribute to this process between our client and our candidate to facilitate effective communication.

We accompany our candidate beyond the negotiation process in order to provide the necessary support during the integration period.

Our goal is to help our client find the best candidate and help our candidate make the best personal and professional decision.