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Direct approach,
methodology and means

Joint creation of the job profile
Identification of target companies
Identification of candidates
Selection and qualification of your candidate
Cohesive negotiation
Help in decision-making and candidate integration


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Direct approach, methodology and means

Joint creation of the job profile
Definition and identification of key parameters

Identification of target companies
Business segment, head-to-head competition, geographical scope

Identification of candidates in the desired professional sphere in accordance with the requirements of the assignment

Selection and qualification of your candidate by individual interview and supported by a personality, intelligence and aptitude test

Negotiation in line with your salary policy and the reality of the market

Help in decision-making and candidate integration

Contractual and legal commitments

Creation of one file per candidate including:

Interview report
Detailed presentation of work experience
Details of references - behavioural assessment
Proof of diplomas and jobs – checked by the agency and with the prior agreement of the applicant
Graphological study according to the client company's wishes

Guarantee on candidates recruited: for each position, we are committed to presenting a new candidate in the event of a termination of the relationship during the first 12 months of employment 

Loyalty clause: as part of our recruitment agency operations, we undertake not to approach the employees of the client company for the entire duration of the agreed assignment and for 18 months following the termination of our contractual relations. This commitment does not cover the study of unsolicited applications or applications following a published job offer.

Legal support: Our ability to exercise law to support our assignments enables us to offer our occasional assistance in the validation or drafting of legal protocols (employment contract, clauses, etc.)